Owning a home


Owning a home


Mir is the name of hope and inspiration in the real estate sector. Since the start of the company in 2006, Mir real estate has guaranteed the satisfaction of the clients. The specialty of Mir real estate is producing powerful construction by utilizing high-quality materials from its own concerns.

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With the rapid development and transformation of the industries in Bangladesh, it is vital to remember the aspect of environmental conservation. The vision of Mir Real Estate is to set an exemplary standard in the field of real estate while upholding the laws of nature and preserving the iridescent of Bangladesh.

Maintaining the flow of our success while ensuring the highest client satisfaction is also our vision. We value our clients and aim to deliver the best real estate services. With hundreds of satisfied clients, our vision is to keep on working with them and establish Mir Real Estate as a world-class modern construction design company.


Mir Real Estate realizes the dream of their clients. Therefore, our goal is to provide our clients with the best-planned design where people will feel the warmth and comfort of a luxurious and spacious home.

Our primary goal is to win the faith of our clients by providing them with the home and commercial space of their dreams. We work with a team of the best consultants and engineers to ensure the most efficient design and on-time delivery. Our mission is to strive on creating the most modern home layouts with the most efficient design and use high-quality materials to ensure that your establishment remains standing for centuries to come.

Value our Customer: Our customers are our top priority. We strive in gaining their contentment through excellence.

Innovation: We recognize innovation to be the key element for revolutionizing the field of modern real estate.

Constant Improvement: We believe there is no end to learning. With each passing day, we continue to gather experience and evolve.

Passion for winning: We have a passion for victory but we also try to remain respectful.

Integrity: It is said that honesty is the best policy. Honesty and integrity are the core values of Mir Real Estate.

Commitment: Our dedication is unparalleled. Our iron-willed commitment for constructing modern designs from high-quality materials and ensuring our client’s substantial return of investment are the two mottos we live by. These were the two recipes for Mir Real Estate’s success. Even now we believe in this formula and it is elevating us to greater heights of success.

These core beliefs are not only applicable to our company, it is also a requirement of success for customers by fulfilling our commitment to them.

At Mir Real Estate we are all about simplifying real estate work by removing all the unnecessary aggravation. The primary focus of Mir Real Estate is to use high-quality building materials produced by its sister concerns and use those to produce quality structures. We thrive on doing the best for those who will become our life long clients and we aim to maintain a prosperous business relationship with them.

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The Mir industry started way back in 1968. Back then it was just a construction industry. Now there are various concerns. These are Mir Akhter Hossain Ltd., Mir Cement Ltd., Mir Concrete Products Ltd., Mir Real Estate Ltd. and Ergo Ventures Ltd.


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